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Redwood Alchemy

Redwood Alchemy Complete Vanguard Discovery Set

Redwood Alchemy Complete Vanguard Discovery Set

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This Sample Set Includes:

1. Iron & Oak

2. Farwander

3. Arete

4. Elysia

5. Grave

6. Redwood Alchemy

7. Basilisk

8. Burlwood

9. Undergrowth

10. Loup Garou

11. Idunn's Garden

12. Reclaimed

13. Timberwolf

14. Bad Apple

15. XIII

This set contains fifteen (15) samples total. They are 1.4ml / 0.005 fl. oz. each.

This product is hand-made in California. 

Additional Info

The Alchemist utilizes professional fragrance ingredients & raw aromatics to create unique, high quality, small-batch scents by hand. What is Parfum? Parfum is the most pure and highest quality of fragrance types. Parfum scents typically last up to 6-8hrs and are best for your skin with the least amount of alcohol and highest concentration of fragrance oils (15% - 40%). NOTE: International Shipping is available for Perfume Oils only. Why Perfume Oil? Perfume Oil is a more intimate, natural, and subtle carrier choice. Holding fragrance closer to the skin, perfume oil evaporates scent layers at slower and more uniform rates. The Organic Jojoba oil used in our Perfume Oil promotes healthy skin with the same pure, high-quality concentration of fragrance oils as our Parfum (15% - 40%). Other Types of Fragrances: - Eau de Parfum (EDP) 15% - 20% (4-5hrs or less) - Eau de Toilette (EDT) 5% - 15% (2-3hrs or less) - Eau de Cologne 2% - 4% (2hrs or less) - Eau Fraiche 1% - 3% (2hrs or less) Scent Concept Photo by Seyedeh Hamiden Kazemi Product Photography & Graphics by "Pixxi" with Redwood Alchemy ALLERGY ALERT: These products were created in a facility that uses concentrated natural plant ingredients and may cause reactions in people with plant related allergies. Before using any new product you should perform a patch test for reactions or sensitivities. For external use only.

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