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Redwood Alchemy



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Dried Leaves, Old Moss, Damp Wood, Dust


This atmospheric fragrance transports you to an abandoned building that nature is slowly starting to reclaim. Moist grass, leaves and moss litter the musty corridors. Powdery dust lingers in the air as your fingers traverse the rough grain patterns of damp wood paneling, interrupted only by encroaching vines and silence.

Fragrance Family: Atmospheric

Notes: Musty Leaves, Moss, Grass, Must, Damp Wood and Dust

Additional Information

Redwood Alchemist utilizes professional fragrance ingredients & raw aromatics to create unique, high quality, small-batch scents by hand. ALLERGY ALERT: These products were created in a facility that uses concentrated natural plant ingredients and may cause reactions in people with plant related allergies. Before using any new product you should perform a patch test for reactions or sensitivities. For external use only.

Our Bottles: 10ml bottles are travel size bottles with a label and come in a wax sealed box. 30ml full size usually come with full artwork when available.

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