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Redwood Alchemy

Loup Garou Sample

Loup Garou Sample

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Musk, Amber, Cypress, Blood, Redwood Pine


An extreme, animalic scent with notes of cyprus, bloodthirst, amber & desiccation. This Acadian werewolf themed fragrance is powerful, bitey and uncompromising. Like the Cajuns of south Louisiana - Loup Garou is not for the faint of heart.

Notes: Predatory Musk, Animalic Territorial Marking, Amber, Cypress, Blood & Redwood

This product uses Vegan & Cruelty-Free Synthetics

Additional Information

Redwood Alchemy utilizes professional fragrance ingredients & raw aromatics to create unique, high quality, small-batch scents by hand. ALLERGY ALERT: These products were created in a facility that uses concentrated natural plant ingredients and may cause reactions in people with plant related allergies. Before using any new product you should perform a patch test for reactions or sensitivities. For external use only.

This product includes one (1) sample spray bottle of parfum. Each bottle is approximately 1.4ml.

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Alpha Lord
Alpha MALE

The best cologne to feel like a true alpha Male a show everyone that you are better faster and stronger.