2023 Halloween Event

Halloween 2023 Event
Pleasant Pointe 

Entry #206
Entry #301

Nestled in the throng of towering trees and ensconced within the haunting beauty of the ancient mountains, Pleasant Pointe appeared like a forgotten postcard from a time long past. This idyllic, small mountain town, seemingly untouched by the hurried march of progress, exudes an air of serenity. Its streets meandered through a picturesque landscape of charming cottages and rustic storefronts, their facades steeped in history. And that is exactly what Pleasant Pointe’s beauty and peaceful stature was - a façade.

Pleasant Pointe holds secrets deeper than its tranquil exterior suggests. Beneath the quaint and quiet veneer, whispers of otherworldly occurrences and enigmatic tales weave their way through a community which would rather remain blissfully and willfully ignorant. Still, the townsfolk are ever mindful of the shadows that dance on the edges of their perception. They know, whether consciously or in their subconscious, that something ancient and powerful lay dormant in the very heart of their town. As the cool winds of October began to sweep through, a sense of anticipation settles over Pleasant Pointe - a quiet before the storm. A calm that precedes the revelation of mysteries long concealed.

Welcome wanderer to the enigmatic world of Pleasant Pointe, where mysteries and secrets lie just beneath the surface. As you embark on this immersive journey, prepare to uncover the hidden truths that shroud this idyllic mountain town in darkness. Our event invites you to explore the depths of Pleasant Pointe's enigmatic past, where four fragrances serve as gateways to the town's most perplexing enigmas.



Step 1: The Fragrances

At the heart of our event lie four captivating fragrances, each intricately tied to the town's mysterious history. These scents embody the essence of four unique characters that will play significant roles in Pleasant Pointe's enigmatic tale. As you delve deeper into the event, you'll discover the characters, their stories, and the clues they hold within their aromatic compositions.

Step 2: Unravel the Stories

These fragrances aren't just perfumes; they are stories waiting to be unveiled. With each fragrance you acquire, you'll receive a piece of the narrative puzzle. These stories, filled with cryptic notes, historical accounts, and riddles, will lead you closer to the heart of Pleasant Pointe's secrets.

Step 3: Solve the Clues

As you immerse yourself in the character narratives and follow the scent trails, you'll encounter intriguing clues that beckon you to explore further. Puzzles, codes, and enigmatic messages are scattered throughout the event, challenging your wits and intuition. The clues are your key to understanding the truth that lies behind the shadows.

Step 4: The Grand Finale

Halloween night marks the grand finale of the Pleasant Pointe Halloween Event, a culmination of weeks of unraveling the town's mysteries. On this fateful night, the secrets of Pleasant Pointe will be unveiled, and the fragrances will take on a far deeper significance. As the clock strikes midnight, you'll witness the unveiling of a story shrouded in darkness, and the linchpin of the town's indelible story.

Join us on this immersive journey as we lift the veil on Pleasant Pointe's secrets. Begin your exploration by selecting one of the four fragrances, each with its own tale to tell. As you follow the scented trail, you'll become part of the town's enigmatic narrative, piecing together the puzzle that is Pleasant Pointe. 

Are you ready to face the shadows and discover the truth hidden within?

Eleanor - The Botanist
Eleanor - The Botanist

Eleanor is the town's resident green thumb, known for her lush and enchanting garden that hides more than just botanical wonders.

Eleanor's Fragrance: Whispers in the Garden

Samuel - The Historian

Samuel is the local historian, tirelessly uncovering Pleasant Pointe's past. His knowledge of the town's history unravels layers of mystery that were meant to remain buried.

Samuel's Fragrance: Chronicle of Obsession

Isabella - The Clairvoyant

Isabella possesses an uncanny gift that allows her to see beyond the veil of the living. Her visions lead her to the heart of Pleasant Pointe's enigmatic events.

Isabella's Fragrance: Visions of Loss

Oliver - The Artist

Oliver captures the essence of the town's mysteries on canvas and page. His artistry holds clues to the secrets hidden within the shadows of Pleasant Pointe.

Oliver's Fragrance: Nightmares on Canvas