Unleash the Untamed: The Origin of Loup Garou

Unleash the Untamed: The Origin of Loup Garou

In the heart of my fragrance journey, life had become quite complicated, and I found myself caught between many worlds. Between leaving the world of publishing books and entering that of creating perfume art, between wanting to give up and wanting to fight, between leaving my old life behind and creating a new one. I felt like I was becoming something else.

Amidst these realms of inspiration, the concept of Loup Garou took shape — a scent born from the intrigue of a werewolf navigating the urban jungle with the poise of a well-dressed executive. As one of our original creations, it carries with it the anger, grief and ferocious determination of who I was then, as well as the essence of my early exploration into the world of fragrances.

Loup Garou is a scent that captures the raw power of the truly untamed creature donning the elegance of a suit and tie. This fusion of being caught between worlds, and having one foot in my old life and one foot in the new - led me to craft a symphony of notes, weaving together the primal allure of musk, the sophisticated charm of amber, the crisp aura of cypress, and even a subtle hint of blood to invoke the beast within.

With each drop, Loup Garou embarks on a journey of its own — a journey that echoes the duality of a creature straddling two worlds. The boardroom becomes a moonlit forest, and the scent evokes the dichotomy of untamed nature and refined elegance.

As one of my very first creations, Loup Garou holds a special place in my heart. It's a reminder of where our fragrant journey began, and how far we've come together. A reminder of who I am, and who I once was.

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